7. December 2021

Holistic approach from fibers to fabrics

Actual IFJ article summarizes key findings of the new Fabric Year report
18. November 2021

The Fabric Year 2021

Presentation with Chinese subtitles and additional contributions from China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association (CNITA) and INDA is now available for on-demand viewing in Groz-Beckert media […]
17. November 2021

TFY2021: Textile and Apparel Exports

Latest story in IFJ gives attention to full-year 2020 textile and apparel exports; it further compares 6-month 2021 figures with pre-pandemic performance for major industries …
12. October 2021

TFY2021: Executive Fiber Summary

Current IFJ article includes an executive fiber summary …
22. July 2021

Investments targeting sustainability

Sustainability issues are increasingly gaining importance as fashion industry in particular has been dubbed as one of the most wasteful industries on earth. We need to […]
12. June 2021

Early indicators 2021

The heavily trade-driven industry shows a mixed performance with Chinese industry best in class of major exporting countries. A comparison of quarterly exports between now and […]
18. May 2021

TFY2021: Key Findings

Actual article in IFJ summarizes some key findings of the new report “The Fiber Year 2021”
26. March 2021

The Fiber Year (TFY) 2021

The Fiber Year 2021 is now available, the 21st edition puts into perspective surprisingly robust fiber supply with subsequent processing demand at fabric stage. Last year’s […]
25. March 2021

Global development of spun and filament yarns

Current IFJ story refers to the development of spun and filament yarns at global stage …
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