23. May 2023

TFY 2023: Executive Summary

World supply got into the red in 2022 with the entire fiber segment increasing, filaments declining and spunlaids unsurprisingly softening. The expansion in the staple fiber […]
10. May 2023

TFY 2023 – 3-Year Loss of 20 Million Tonnes of Fibers (Update)

The Fiber Year 2023 is nearing completion and will be ready for publication end of May. Some final confirmations for manmade fiber manufacturing are still pending […]
9. March 2023

TFY 2023 – From Optimism to Recession

Work for The Fiber Year 2023 still is in full swing but recognizable is a similar development to 2020 with natural fiber supply expanding and manmade […]
14. January 2023

TFY 2022 – Historic Decline in World Staple Fibers

International Fiber Journal (IFJ) in Issue 1 2023 carries the story about recent global staple fibers development with long-term market movement. Global supply of staple fibers […]
18. December 2022

The Fabric Year 2022

December story in International Fiber Journal (IFJ) refers to The Fabric Year 2022. The Fabric Year 2022 is a unique service as the result of joining […]
25. July 2022

TFY 2022 – Highlights in Upstream Business

World supply was pushed by manmade fibers but century’s average annual growth rate was missed in the third consecutive year and adverse conditions prevailing make a […]
28. April 2022

TFY 2022 further enriched

To stay abreast of worldwide changes in favor of sustainability, the new textile yearbook will for the first time ever subdivide the dynamic viscose staple fiber […]
2. February 2022

TFY at International Conference on Cellulose Fibers

This article is a summary of the presentation delivered at the 3rd International Conference on Cellulose Fibers in Cologne early February, describing main characteristics seen last […]
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